Who We Are

CEEDS (Cooperative for Economic Empowerment and Development Services) is a staffing agency that empowers underserved immigrant women to take stabilizing steps into safe, sustainable, and meaningful work. 

Work is empowering. It connects freedom and responsibility. It makes growth possible. It’s what makes great communities. And we don’t take that work for granted. It’s a right to be earned through dedication. We take every step to make sure each member is ready to deliver. Our work culture is an extension of what we value:

PURPOSE - Every job is an opportunity to support our greater purpose. We want to see poverty reduced, the next generation set up for success, and the underserved given equal access to opportunity.

MASTERY - Mastering a new skill can be a journey. Our members will take one step at a time and learn everything they can from others. But they are capable. And what they master is theirs to keep.

EMPATHY – Our members put themselves in the shoes of the people they help, to look at things from their point of view. They want to understand the aims and goals of each client and bring that perspective into their work.

GRATITUDE - Members smile often and genuinely. They truly are grateful for the opportunity and are joyful when it comes to work. People are drawn to this gratitude so our members are generous with it.

COMMUNITY - Our members make us great. They are responsible. They take initiative. They strive towards excellence. But we are in this together and members can take hold of their individual opportunity knowing they have a larger network of support, encouragement, and accountability behind them.