What Our Clients Say

One of our values is Empathy. We put ourselves in the shoes of the people we help to understand the job from their point of view. It seems to be working...

Irving Farms Coffee Roasters

Working alongside CEEDS has been a deeply rewarding experience, especially as a woman working in the restaurant industry. Members are professional, respectful, and incredibly hard working. It is refreshing to see how perfectly they fit in with long term staff members as well. I know I can rely on CEEDS, and will always turn to them before other traditional hiring routes. We all know hiring for kitchens here in NYC is tough. Why would I go through the hassle of screening candidates when I know that CEEDS can send someone who will be reliable, communicative, intuitive, and eager to be a part of my team? I will continue to go to CEEDS first for my hiring needs, and encourage you to do the same.
— Danielle Dillon, Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager

We Rub You: Korean BBQ Sauces & Marinades

Our experience with CEEDS has been exceptional. When you work with a CEEDS member, you work with an immigrant who is pursing the American Dream - harnessing the power of entrepreneurism, optimism and hope in the American Dream, and a strong work ethic. In other words, working with CEEDS members just makes business sense and we highly recommend it.
— Janet Chung, Co-Founder

The Brooklyn Shoe Factory

We adore the workers. They are eager to work and learn the craft. Shoemaking is not an easy task; it takes time. Every step is a skill you learn and own. The ladies that we hired have been stellar and we hope to keep on working with CEEDS for our future staffing needs. CEEDS has been very helpful from the beginning: looking for the members, translating cultural differences if necessary, following-up etc. We love working with the team at CEEDS!
— Keiko Hirosue, Co-Founder